Monday, July 4, 2022


God grant wisdom to every Christian living here on earth. He went an extra mile of letting his only son die on the cross so we all could believe in him and also build our faith on God. He wants us to be a living testimony and through our lifestyle, we could be a source of inspiration to others.

He wants Christians to discover how to handle temptations through having faith on God. He wants to transform and renew the minds of those that their faith are lessen or are having faith no more. God wants his people to enjoy the benefits of having to live a Christian life.

Having to live and enjoy the wisdom of God, is through our Faith on God, and his holy book ‘the Bible’ which happens to be a huge source of inspiration. You are just on the right page and a step closer to having a wider view on the knowledge of Christian living. No matter what opposition you face, living the Christian life is worth it.

Wisdom for living in a Christian page that is geared towards the acquisition of knowledge on different phrase or facet of life, which could include family, responsibilities in marriage, home making and building children or child upbringing, faith in God, faith on God e.t.c.

It also drives or avails you to the golden opportunity of being inspired, enlightened, well equipped, and empowered with various wonderful, educating and inspirational posts that would help you lead a successful, purposeful, and fulfilled life. You can uncover your innate potentials and help you lead and live a life worth celebrating.

No knowledge is a waste
Kindly stay on with me
I love you all.

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