Self Improvement Requires You Taking The Jump

You Can Improve Yourself In These Really Simple And Practical Steps – Call It “Life Hack” For Self Improvement.

A simple allegory for self improvement is to liken it to the life of a tree. The life of a human, is like a tree. It starts as a seed, then grows into roots, then germinate above the ground, with every passing season, it continues to grow taller, bearing fruits and then, could go stagnant for a while only to pick things up again and start producing.

Self improvement and personal growth are the natural progression of things because those who refuse change end up been stagnant. Life doesn’t wait for a person to start moving, it happens even when the person stay still. Start moving, learn how to improve yourself and create the life of your dreams through allowing yourself to live life, enjoy life, and appreciate all seasons as it come by.

Personal development sounds fantastic, so as eating healthy daily, waking up early and learning new things. Every young person out there stands the chance of been a better piece of themselves if they have the passion for personal or self growth.

One needs to understand that the human mind is the most powerful tool we own but can also be a destructive measure if not controlled, could affect one’s emotion. The mind provides the greatest challenge in life as one has to take or make a life changing decision through the mind.

Youths fail to realize that it is through improving themselves that they get the most out of life such as a good development and betterment of themselves.

The best Way to Keep Improving is to Keep Working

“Isn’t It Amazing To See That All Effort You Are About To Take Will Lead To Self Improvement?”

The fun part is helping yourself grow and also extending that hand to others to help them grow and be a better part of themselves. There is always something about ourselves that we can improve upon.

The human potential is limitless such that it is impossible to reach a point of no growth. Whenever we think we are good, just be rest assured that we can be better and also be the best.

In this modern society, it is very prevalent to see young people who do not crave for challenges in their lives except for few people who are ready to take up the challenges in likes of Joseph, Joshua, Caleb, David and Daniel who aspire for greatness.

Therefore, it is very disheartening to see that young people are very complacent in their present status without desiring for greater heights. This is why I have considered it important to bring up this motivating topic in order to aid the young people out there to aim higher in their respective endeavour in life.

“Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he will stand before kings, he shall not stand before mean men” (Proverbs 22:29, KJV)

No matter your family background, educational status or whatsoever, these do not count but “competency and efficiency” coupled with determination in whatsoever one engages in.

It has been recorded in Guinness world records that most people who made it in life, didn’t get it on a platter of gold or on a bed of roses, but through hard work and self discipline got their way to the top.

Former American President, Abraham Lincoln became America’s President after several failures from his desire to become the President of America, despite the turn downs in his political career, he summoned courage and won the election. What about the freedom fighter of Africa, late Nelson Mandela, who was known as an “African Legend” in terms of freedom, fought for freedom at the younger age of 27, and was tortured in prison by the Colonial Rulers but he did not give up, he fought like a wounded lion to see that his “Dear Country, South Africa” is liberated. Today, he is celebrated globally.

Late Martin Luther king dreamt that one day, America will be ruled by a black man, finally his dream came to pass. Today, it has been recorded in American Political History that a black man from black race was once, the President of America.

It will gladdened my heart that young people will be elevated to a better position after reading this article. My life is a motivating story because I aspired to be on top, and God has helped me, pick up courage to walk your way to the top, you will make it.

Determination and resilience are very instrumental to self growth as we will delve into more factors that aids self improvement.

Self Improvement - Be A Better You

3 Factors That Encourages You to Improve on Yourself.

1. Be ready to accept challenges: Make up your mind to take the bull by the horn. This is exactly what it entails to improve yourself. We live in an era where you have a lot of things that crop up in order for you not to aspire for greatness.

2. Self assurance: No matter, how tough life has treated you, encourage yourself that your dreams and target in life can never be aborted, push on, you are almost there. know this “Military Generals do not give up in battle, rather they move forward in order to defeat their subjects.” Life is like a battle, and only the bold and fearless will conquer.

3. Don’t lose hope: It’s a common ideology that ”a patient dog eats the fattest bone”, the journey of life may seem unfavourable, you do not need to give up, the bible says that “David encouraged himself in the Lord.” In his own darkest moment, he believed that God was with him.

I believe strongly that anyone reading this will strongly move on despite the hurdles of life.


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