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Christian Living – When you are born again, you are born into the family of God. Living a christian life, open doors for possibilities and you enjoy the benefit of his grace. But, that doesn’t mean that Christian living is that easy.

There are a lot of challenges and difficulties faced in life and are designed to help us grow to have the mind of Jesus Christ’s and the character of God. We are to learn to think and to act like God because He wants us to be His children forever.

In whatever we do in our lives day in and day out, there are certain rules that we must follow for our safety and also our success. A genuine christian need his bible for the constant growth of his christian life and for him to have faith on God.

Having to live a good life as a Christian can sometimes look a little different than it would if you were a non-believer which is, You have to build your faith and make it stronger, which is not something that you do as an unbeliever.

Instead of prizing your worldly possessions and accomplishments, for instance, you’ll find greater satisfaction by maintaining your relationship with the Lord by following and bingeing with his commands.

If you make these things a priority, you’ll likely find that you feel more peaceful and content, and you may even feel more capable of handling any hardships that is thrown your way.

So, the ideal key to a Christian life is a new relationship to sin through the identification with Jesus Christ. This is not a key that we can put in the lock and exact it to magically open the door to total holiness, NO.

It is more like a power source from which we draw from every day as we seek to conform our lives more and more closely to the One who died for us.

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