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Marriage – Right from the earliest days of the christian faith, christian have always honored marriage and seen it has a divinely blessed union between a man and a woman.

Most women, whether they will readily admit it or not, desire to be married.Which could relatively show the qualities of a great mother.
Many young girls have dreamed about the white dress and handsome groom since their earliest childhood.

Even those with career or educational goals usually say that some day they would like to be married. As Christians, living the rightful way, we should know that applying biblical principles to marriage will give us a stronger foundation than those of our unbelieving friends and neighbors.

But, truth is, no relationship comes with a lifetime guarantee probably except it been ordained by God.

Sometimes it is said that poor communication in marriage has broken down a lot of homes, that a couple’s love has died down, so also their marriage with it, that a relationship has been torn apart so completely that nothing could possibly heal the relationship.

Consequences of lack of communication like this is the lacks Faith on God which boils down to their lifestyles. This suggestion is that the relationship can cease to be before either spouse dies.

Therefore, to think about marriage as such expressions is to deny the very reality of marriage and the truth about it which pertains to christian faith and that of a christian life.

Today, due to consequences of poor communication, marriage is regularly viewed as social conventions that can be entered into and severed by the marital partners at will.

But in all, Christians more than all people should understand what a wedding is all about in the biblical way.

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