Consequences of Poor Communication In Marriage

Communication is Key, Non-existent or Poor Communication In Marriage Can Degenerate And Destroy A Home – We Hope To Save Your Home And Marriage.

This piece of article is an insight for couples with “little knowledge” on what “poor communication in marriage” is and what communication should really look like in their relationship. For intending Couples, this article is also meant for you.

For every marriage to be peaceful and enjoyable, healthy communication among partners can’t be overemphasised.

From my wealth of experience (as a married woman), good communication skills in marriage very necessary. To be honest, it is the backbone of a healthy marriage.

I am encouraging everyone who wishes to enjoy his or her relationship, not to neglect communication, as it prevents a lot of havoc in a marriage.

Consequences of Poor Communication In Marriage

The Consequences of Poor Communication in Marriage was first mentioned in the book of Genesis 2:15-17 KJV and Genesis 3:1-6 KJV, Adam and Eve being the first Partners to experience such in their union, as a result of disobeying God’s command.

In every act of misconduct, there is a price to pay. Every relationship that has or is presently experiencing “cracks”, communication issues will be the likely cause.

Learning from the mistakes of our “First Parents” (Adam and Eve), we can conclude that there are consequences associated with poor communication in marriage.

Consequences mean result, effect, typically one that is unwelcome or unpleasant. The English Encyclopedia further explains consequences as “a conclusion reached by reasoning.”

Communication could be defined as “the giving, receiving or exchanging of information, opinions or ideas, so that  message conveyed is completely understood by everybody involved.”

Moreso, it is something that humans do every day. In other words, it is the “act of conveying information, as by speech, visuals, signals, writing or behaviour.”

The fundamental basis of marriage could be opined as “a personal association between a man and a woman, a biological relationship for mating and reproduction.”

As A Tripartite Institution (Social, Legal and Religious).

Marriage is also described as “the relationship between two people (husband and wife) who are legally joined together or an intimate relationship between people of the opposite sex.”

Before we know the consequences of poor communication, as the article entails, I will give some tips on how my husband and I communicate effectively.

How to avoid the Consequences of Poor Communication In Marriage

These have really helped us greatly

1) Telephone Communication: No matter how occupied we are with our daily commitment(s), we don’t fail to talk to each other, at least, 2hours interval per day.

2) Marriage Tête-à-Tête: Due to the nature of my husband ‘s  work,  if we don’t have time to talk during the day, we utilize our midnight hours to discuss issues that are very relevant to us.

3) Openness to each other: My husband is such a wonderful person that his openness has saved a lot of marital issues in our marriage. He doesn’t harbour secrets, no matter how “Awful”, they may seem to be, and this has helped us effectively to handle (the third party meddle) in our marriage, we resolve our misunderstandings ourselves.

I share these points above, for all readers to know what effective communication can do in Marriage, as the aim is to make sure, we all avoid such errors, in our various marriages.

Finally, the outcome of poor communication in marriage are listed as follows:

1) It brings an unhealthy relationship between Partners.

2) It brings discord or disunity between the Partners.

3) Proper home training for the children may be lost, because of poor communication among their Parents.

Achieve Happiness In Marriage With Healthy And Good Communication

Footnote: Dear reader, there is a need for every broken marriage relationship to be revived after reading this article, be blessed.

Precious Chidiebere.


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