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Have you ever asked yourself what your destiny is or is there a reason why you do exist in this life or can you discover your destiny? These questions have confused a lot of people through ages.

So, I tell you that you are not alone. A child wonders naturally where he or she comes from? As we get older in life, a lot of things become uncertain and unclear about our future that we keep on asking what has fate has in-store for us?

But the truth is that from the beginning to the end of our various lives, we ponder and wonder the true meaning of life.

Discover Your Destiny | www.wisdom4living.netThe thing is, thinking about your existence, never underestimate the value of your life. From the very day we were created, God has planned an incredible future for us all. Knowing your destiny is a thing that you will experience.

The ups and downs, the struggling, the confusions e.t.c. they are all manifestation of God’s per-determined plan and purpose for your life which leads to the exact purpose why we were created. Before anyone was born, God had a perfect plan for the life of everyone.

That’s how God operates which explains why he is never anxious concerning one’s life, because he certainly know the end of it.

You might not have realised it, but everyone has a special destiny. It is God’s unique purpose, his very special plan for your life which is tailored just for you alone.

To fulfill this God’s given destiny one needs to make wise choices all the way. Nothing is more important than knowing God’s will and purpose for your life.

Unfortunately, people tend to stray away from God’s will upon their life as they tend to move faster than their destiny.Don't give up on your destiny and dreams |

Son of man appeared for a certain purpose on earth which was to fulfill an important assignment that was ordained by God. Being ordained by God, he came in bodily form, in human nature.

His coming in bodily form was to fulfill his special purpose and his special task. The main purpose of his coming to this world is called “Destiny.”

The word “Destiny” according to Oxford Dictionary means the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future. It is also defined as the inevitable or necessary fate to which a particular person or thing is destined.

It is seen as the predetermined course of event considered as something beyond human power or control. My own definition of destiny is seen as the Life-wire of one’s success in life.

Destiny isn’t a matter of chance or by accident rather a matter of choice and will. It isn’t a thing to be gambled for but a thing to be achieved.

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Why It Is Important To Discover Destiny And Fulfill Purpose?

Every human created by God has a destiny whether you are “Saved or Unsaved”, but to the Saved, it is very imperative that we utilise it for the work of the kingdom of God. He wants us to use  our destinies to represent him on earth.

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus  unto good works, which God hath before  ordained  that we should walk into them. (Ephesians 2:10, KJV)  In the  quest to search for your destiny, also discover your area of  Grace  because  it will give you fulfillment when you find it, and this is where your talent comes in.

Decide to discover your destiny and you will excel in life. 

This is done through seeking the face of God (i.e. Prayer). We should know that there is no competition in destiny, because  everyone ‘s destiny differs from the other.

Endeavor to fulfill your destiny. Above all, destiny has nothing to do with one’s educational background, some prominent men of our time have low educational status but they didn’t allow it to determine their fate, know this, your destiny can “make or mar” you depending on the way you handle it.

God bless you.



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