Dream Big

Its time to Dream Big

Dream is a wish or hope. It’s what we long for, what we imagine, it’s what we pray for and what we are grateful for.

One important rule to success is for you to continue to remind yourself that you are who you are, where you are, and what you are because of yourself. You are in your current situation because you have decided to be there.

You made choices and decisions that have gotten you to your current position in life. If you want to go somewhere else or become someone else, it’s all up to you to make the choices and decisions that will eventually get you up there.

Reasons to dream Big

1) There is always a way

The truth is our dreams can come true, if we believe and have the courage to chase them
If someone else is doing it, and you find interest in, you can do it. They might have had a difficult head start, you can come up with the ideas to level the playing field. For every person looking for experience, there’s another looking for fresh eyes and enthusiasm. Other people are gaining access to opportunities that could be yours, so, don’t give up, let that be proof that it’s possible for you.

2) You are capable of Achievement

Take a paper and a pen, then write down goals you want to achieve in your whole life. Stare at them with you imagining them happening. Imagine anyone else who is better placed to achieve those things. Who has the skills, network, intention and belief to achieve those things? It’s you. It’s you alone. Believe the fact that no one on this planet is better placed to carry out the work than you.

3) Your time here is finite

Failure is a possibility, so it’s okay to be scared a times. It doesn’t mean you are weak, but is that really the worst that could happen? The worst scenario is probably that we all would end up dead one day. so you might as well dream big ahead of that. Stop acting like you’re going to live forever.

Dream big about the life you want to lead, the life you want to live and the difference you want to make. Dream big about what you want to achieve. Dream big because you might surprise yourself to the very end. Dream big because until you do, you’ll have no idea what you’re capable of doing. Dream big about the person you want to be.

There’s just no excuse not to dream big


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