Reliving Yourself From Depression

Depression The society we live in has a lot of problems, traumatic experiences, and ill-luck that lead people into depression and discouragement. People feel depressed and discouraged when they lose their jobs, loss of a loved one, economic instability, etcetera. To be honest, many things contribute to depression and discouragement and this is also common in Christian society.

A believer can be depressed and discouraged over a lingered prayer and long-awaited miracle from God. Depression and discouragement started in the bible. Many people experienced depression, namely: Moses (Numbers 11:14-15), Job ( Job 3:1), Elijah ( I Kings 19:4) etcetera.

King David also experienced depression and discouragement many times, infact, most of the Psalms he wrote was at the season of his depressed and discouraging moments. “so my spirit grows faint within me, my heart within me is dismayed,” Psalms 143:4
Other references appear in Psalms 3:3, 23:1-6, 30:5, 40:1-3 and many others.

The word depression can be hard to understand. It means a mood disorder with both Depressionmental and physical impacts, depression is different from typical feelings of sadness or grief. Depression is one of the major weapons the devil uses against the Believers. They are lies the devil feed our minds with, thoughts that are against the word of God (2 Corinthians 10:4-5) and the moment we accept these lies and false truths about ourselves, the moment we pay a little heed to these lies from the devil, that is the moment we begin to fall into bouts of depression and discouragement.

Discouragement means a loss of confidence or enthusiasm, dispiritedness. Everyone has been discouraged or depressed at one time or the other. We are not God but flesh and blood, full of frailties to circumstances of life. Know this, the elder brother of depression and discouragement is Suicide.

Like it is said that one thing leads to another, so been depressed and discouraged matures into Suicide and it can only be God that can take one out of this miserable condition.

Stay Tuned for The Continuation in the next article.

Be blessed


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