Having a quiet time

How Can One Have A Quiet Time

Our day-to-day activities have really taken our minds off our spiritual duties. There are actions that govern our sacred relationship with God.  Aside from our busy schedule on a daily basis, there are other aspects that have taken the place of God in our lives, for instance, the use of social media today has engulfed us to the extent that we can’t stay a second without browsing through our phones, in search of trending movies, news or latest gossips from the celebrity’s website.

Honestly, I am also a victim of this, that is why this article has been written: to help us put ourselves in check.

The Definition of Quiet Time.

This, (also known as heart-to-heart, or alone time with God), is a regular individual session of christian spiritual activities, such as prayer, private meditation, contemplation, worship of God or study the Bible.

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Here are the following tips that will stir up your quiet time with God.

1. Learn how to spend quality time with your maker, God.

Having a great day is best done with God. It is amazing to know that people who observe quiet time has beforehand committed their lives and activities in God’s hand. And they have nothing to regret.

Having a quiet time

2. Study the Bible with Diligence.

Reading the bible and studying the bible are two separate entities: It is during bible study that you understand the in depth knowledge of God’s word. Create time to do so.

3. Model your method of Prayer.

There are people that are comfortable with praying in the early hours of the morning, while some could choose anytime which suits them. Develop a habit of praying for people other than yourself: Higher authorities, your family, Church, etc.

4. Ask Questions during your quiet time.

God delights in his children talking to him always. During the Patriarchal era, they talk to God the way a friend will confide in his friend. Presumably, there are issues that bother us as his children; the period of quiet time is when you can ask him questions.

5. Involve the presence of God during your quiet time.

Observing quiet time is an essential way to feel his presence in your life and this can be achieved through constant prayer.

Additionally, learn to invite the Holy Spirit when you are praying or singing songs to his name. Learn how to quiet your spirit in his presence; practicing this as a sacred principle will go a long way in your life.

To conclude this article, learn how to observe quiet time daily, it will bring you closer to God always and he will avert all kinds of evil from harming you.

Bible References on Quiet time: Mark 1:35, Luke 5 :16 and Luke 6:12.



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