How To Develop Good habit In A Child 

Encourage Good Habit In Children

The best way to develop a very good habit in a child or for your children is for you as a parent to set a good examples yourself. The bible made us understand in the book of Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go,
[a]And when he is old he will not depart from it” Yeah… the joy of every parent is to see their child at his very best. Every parent want the best for their children, so they don’t mind going the extra miles as far it yields positive result in the life of the child. but, let’s face it, let’s come to reality; Parenting can be very difficult.

Ask a parent what their greatest responsibility is when it comes to the upbringing of a child… and trust me, you will hear the same response again. Which is acquitting them with high quality skills they need to thrive. Its not just based on their going to school to read and write, but we are talking about the bigger picture here, what you need to pass down to your generations as a parent.

How to develop good habit in a child, Good habit or skills will help a child cope much better in the world, will prepare the child for future purpose, and how it makes them grow into a responsible , respectful and an highly valuable personnel or member of society. Trust me, most of this skills and habit are hardly taught in school and parent might just be busy to notice how their children are really missing out.

Parent are fully aware that a times, telling children what to do and how it can be done, doesn’t have much effect of them than showing and being practical with them. Teaching our kids on having a good habit way early in life, works at its best when such habit or behaviour is been modelled by the parent. No matter the age of these kids, they look up to you as a parent for guidance.

Here are some tips and Guidelines to get you all started.

Be a Good Role Model

The best way to develop a very good habit in a child or for your children is for you as a parent to set a How To Develop Good habit In A Child good examples yourself. Remember, it’s whatever your child sees you do, they do also. Your child learns daily by watching your behaviour and habit everyday. As children, they learn the maximum things firstly from parent, and then from the environment. For this, you need to be perfect at what you want your child to learn and what you teach them.

Good Manners

It is never too early to start teaching good habit to children. Kids should learn early how to treat people around them with respect. Always encourage them to make use of the five magic words which is; Please, Excuse me, Sorry, Thank you and Pardon me. Teaching them these at a very tender age, will automatically become part of their lifestyle.

Staying Fully Active

How To Develop Good habit In A Child Expose or engage these kids with all kinds of games and sport. Show them how its been played. It help increase their IQ and help stay active. Explain to them how important exercising and staying active helps them stay healthy. You will notice that kids who tend to be active are less likely to develop obesity. Give them opportunities to join school teams which will aid them to live a healthy life.

Help Them Have Positive Thinking

It’s way easy for kids to get sad when things don’t go as they wish. The power of positive thinking builds full self esteem in the life of every child. Note that children do not have the ability of thinking positively until we as parent or teachers drive them into that direction. Teach them that they can learn from their failures and deal with negative thought. Appreciate or encourage their positive behaviour.


To develop a good habit in a child, This is one of the most important and vital key. It is you as a parent getting to know your kids and understand them. Involve your children by having interactive conversation or activities that will make them open up. You could ask them to describe their day to you, talk to them about the books they read or show they had watched, help them with reading materials that they can explore. Create that connection and bond.

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Family Bonding

Show them and provide them with examples about the importance of family. We know that with our normal hectic day to day lie, there is limited time to spend with our family. But, we can try and make it a priority to have dinner time together as family. With this, our children develop self esteem to speak up and feel comfortable at home. So, eat together as a family whenever possible, encourage them to say close to their siblings. This strengthens the bond in the family.

As a parent, you are always a reference point for your children, an elderly one they will always turn to for directions and guidance whenever they get into trouble. Trust me, they always pick up this habit in their early stage of life. So, as they grow older, they imitate every behaviours and action display by you as a parent. Try your positive best as a parent to impact them with the necessary knowledge and vital information they need to know and have as kids. It is of high importance to teach the children the difference between bad habit and good habit and also helping them choose the right one.


  1. Really informative! Thanks for sharing…. training up a child is really not an easy task and one needs to pay attention to the points you listed out.


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