Obedient Children In A Christian Home

Raising Obedient Children In A Christian Home.

Being raised in a Christian home can be tough for some children who are exposed to a diverse relationship with obedient children and disobedient children alike. As they witness their peers take advantage of more social freedoms, some children may begin to rebel against the Christian foundations of their homes.

According to numerous developmental findings, disobedience and rebellion are very common and likely to occur in adolescence, a time marked by wanting to find one’s own identity.

For any parent, this seems disheartening when they have spent years building a Christian foundation. Still, in some families, normal teenage defiance is not the true root of turning away from the Word.

It’s possible that homes which are overly strict and not reflective of God’s love do more damage in the long run. Without awareness of how our disciplinary actions are affecting our children, we are likely to make choices that have a generational impact on those we love the most.

There are four basic parenting methods namely:

1. Uninvolved: The uninvolved parents are not “present ” or attentive to the needs of their Kids.

2. Permissive: The permissive parents take a “child-led” approach. Parents in this category believed that “kids will be kids” and should have the freedom to make their own choices in every day and major matters. 

3. Authoritative: The authoritative parents recognise the need to create a relationship with their kids and rules that have consequences. They are aware and attentive to the emotional needs of their children.

4. Authoritarian: Authoritarian Parents run their homes in a very strict manner. Their rules and regulations are supreme in the home and the children’s opinions are not validated in most cases.

Most times, this generates an environment of hostility, anger, fear and inferiority complex.

Raise Obedient Children In A Christian Home

Here are some of the reasons why Christian kids disobey their Parents:

1. Using The Bible as a fear tactic: Many people can attest that the reason why they surrendered their lives to Christ was as a result of the fear of going to Hell.  However, in some families, the same is done in a more indirect way.

The issue, however, is that instead of children coming to see the Word as a guide for life, it becomes the source for why they are constantly in trouble. When we use it in this way, we are likely to have teens who grow up uninterested in a God who appears harsh and merciless.

2. Am I Over – Sheltering my kids: In parenting, this can be one of the hardest things to decide. Every parent has a responsibility to protect their children. In a world of cyberbullying, sex trafficking and media-driven communication, it can be difficult to decide what is appropriate. Christian parents, however, must seek the Lord for each child to determine the best choice.

3. Is my desire to be respected actually abusive?

The question that we should ask ourselves is one that is tough to reconcile. However, many parents can become so overwhelmed and frustrated with trying to get their children to do the right thing that they make poor choices.

Although they don’t deserve to be physically, emotionally, or verbally abusive, they simply want to be respected.

4. Do We discipline out of Love?

Our actions and interactions with our children will either plant a seed of rejection or remind them of God’s love.

Parents should seek to parent in a way that reflects God’s heart. When we parent out of fear, our own pain, or simply may miss out on opportunities to minister to our children in everyday situations.

In conclusion, let us know that just as we love our children, we should also know that God loves them too and training them to be obedient children is important.

May our hearts be set on honouring Him in our parenting.


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