Keep Marriage Alive

Keep Your Marriage Working In The Face Of Confusion.

The times we find ourselves lately, many families and marriages have suddenly begun to face confusion and turmoil. Keeping and making a marriage work is almost becoming very challenge with the situation in the world.

In this article; techniques, solutions and methods to keeping your marriage working perfectly will be discussed and shared elaborately.

We are faced with challenges we never prepared for, as resultants effect of the global pandemic. A lot of families are overwhelmed by the present condition as a lot of pressure in sustaining family needs arises and keep mounting.

Keep Marriage AliveThere were things that you could avoid before as a result of your work or other engagements but now you are mandated to stay home without a choice. The pandemic crisis has made us know that life is unpredictable.

Now that you are staying at home how do you adjust to these challenges on a daily basis?

Marriages especially can be strained during this time. There are some flaws you haven’t noticed in your spouse all the years you have been together due to your busy schedule or work, and now you are facing it openly.

Do you tolerate it or keep nagging about it?
I believe strongly that this is the time that we should bear each other weaknesses and allow the first love that attracted us to our partner to overrule.

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Keeping Marriage Alive And Make It Work

There Are Five Positive Things You Can Do To Keep Your Relationship Working In This Period of COVID-19 Crisis. 

1. Set a planned schedule together:

This period, couples should plan purposeful activities together. Being home this season should help us plan for the future, reason together on the way forward for the family, etc.

These are privileges we couldn’t have all the while, just because we were “on the move” due to work and activities that keep us off sight, for the betterment of the family.

Now is the time to make up for those periods and to do a lot of beautiful things for ourselves; together.

2. Make Out Time For Prayer:

It is important to know that this season calls for incessant prayers. Probably you haven’t been praying the way you wanted to, because of a backlog of activities here and there, thanks to God, that the opportunity has finally come!

Honestly, every couple needs to seize this period to pray for those things you haven’t been praying for, an example: your children, your marriage, your finances, health, salvation, loved ones, etc.

Pray like never before!

3. Effective Time For Bible Study:

This is a golden opportunity for couples to stay together and study the bible. There is a massive difference between reading and studying the bible.

You can set prizes in bible quiz for family members. It is a way of adding fun to the members of the family and also give them the opportunity to explore the Bible.

You and your partner can set a goal for bible plan each day, it keeps your insights alive in knowing the bible more.

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4. Enjoy Time In God’s Creation:

Enjoying outdoor activities like taking a walk to the forest is a great way to explore nature. For couples who have kids, this is a great time to take your kids for outdoor sightseeing, show them the beautiful work of creation.

This will arouse their interests in asking questions about God. Even as couples it also boost your spirit, to remind you of God ‘s incredible Creation.

5. Remember That Marriage Is Often A Way God Sanctifies You:

To sanctify means “to set apart as holy”

This is the word Christians often refer to when we are talking about becoming more like Christ. Following him is a process which brings joy, love, peace and happiness to our lives.

This is the best time to help each other life the way God wants us to be. It is also a time for self-examination to know how strong our relationship with God is.

Finally, God has designed marriage to be beautiful and purposeful for us. Stay alive and hopeful knowing that it shall come to pass.


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