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Steps To Consider In Becoming A Good Leader – Leadership Traits

Most of the time we ask what makes a good leader? What traits should a person veering for leadership position possess? A good leader has personality, clear vision and with strong ambition to succeed. A good leader takes the front line, takes the task.

A good leader is always three steps ahead of others. He takes both the blames of anything that goes wrong and also takes the credit for anything that actually goes right.

Leaders motivate, they are knowledgeable, and always concerned about the well being of their followers.

Leadership | www.wisdom4living.netLeading is a big responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly. That’s why we have leaders taking oaths before they are been given certain positions to hold.

Leading is setting good example, good standard so that others coming behind will learn from and might want to follow in that footstep or become better. But in order for such to happen, having a strong vision for the future is necessary.

If a leader doesn’t know what to do or how to communicate with his followers, and lend listening ears to them, he will lose them and might end up governing himself alone.

Leadership has nothing to do with personal attributes. When you hear the word leader, most people think of a domineering, take-charge charismatic individual.What we fail to understand is that we don’t need this charismatic traits to practice leadership. And sometimes those with charisma don’t automatically lead.

Leadership, the ability and capacity to translate vision to reality. They have the ability of empowering us in one way or the other. It all involve influence.

The term Leadership is defined as the action of leading a group of people or an organisation. It is also the state or position of being a leader. For Godly leaders to excel, there are basic potentials they need to acquire.

Leaders can’t do without followers; therefore these skills will enable them to have good rapport with them.

They are listed as follows:

Leadership | www.wisdom4living.net

1) Godly leaders think big that is they realize God’s vision is usually bigger than theirs.

2) Godly leaders think about other people; that is they always include others in the mix.

3) Godly leaders think continually: they are not satisfied with today’s answers

4) Godly leaders think bottom line: they want to see result and fruit.

5) Godly leaders think continual growth: they want to keep improving.

6) Godly leaders think without lines: they let God outside the box.

7) Godly leaders think victory; that is they want to see God’s rule come to earth.

8) Godly leaders think intuitively; that is they have a sense of what will work.

9) Godly leaders think servant-hood: they want to serve and add value to people.


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