Lessons On The Immorality In Cheating
Cheater man dating on line with a smart phone and girlfriend is spying sitting on a sofa at home

Cheating – The Common Ways Cheaters Communicate

The five most common ways cheaters communicate with the person they’re cheating with.

Regardless of who does it or the circumstances surrounding it, cheating is cheating and it is not cool. Perhaps the worst part about a cheating partner is catching them in the act.
Discreetly chatting via smartphone or private social media thread is an ideal way for someone to organise their cheating, but which is the most popular method?

Lessons On The Immorality In CheatingThe infamous dating website Ashley Madison, which specialises in affair, conducted a survey of 1,500 of its members and asked them how they communicate with the person they are cheating with.
Did the BIBLE condemn “Cheating“?, The answer is Yes and the bible named it “AdulteryCouples should not cheat one another because it is against Matrimonial principles.

The act of cheating could also be called “Sexual Misbehaviour” On no ground should a believer in Christ live an immoral life.

These are the five most common methods from the results:

1) Smartphones: By a landslide, the most common way cheaters communicate withLessons On The Immorality In Cheating each other is through their phones.
A relationship coach Chris Armstrong said, “One clue is that their cell phone will be glued to their hands and their text and call history will always be clean”.

2) Email: In second place was good old Email.
Writing Emails to a cheating partner seems to be very private and personal preferences to other forms of communication. Once again though this seems precarious, as the cheater would make sure that their mails are always closed, and maybe even hidden behind a password.

3) Dating websites: were used by 20 percent of those that took part in the study, which is still a fairly high number. The one advantage to this is that there are so many dating sites out there, now it would be difficult for your partner to find you.

4) Social Media: This method seems rife with problems as one of the primary tools of social media is to share information and talk to people.

5) Secret Phone: This is probably the most expensive option, but having a second or a
secret phone was suggested by a few people. Hiding that device from your partner sounds like a lot of effort and stress.

Also, how would you charge the phone without the other person seeing it?

Footnote: Having read this article, what is your opinion on cheating? which is very common among married couples today, kindly drop your comments.

Be Blessed.


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