Letter To Self - Dear Self

Not everyday you get to write a letter to self
Dear self,
It’s been a long ride all through this year
A lot of encounters
A lot of discouragement
A lot of disappointments
A lot of wrong self decisions
A lot of procrastination
A lot of frustration
But in all,
You taught me how to be a better version of myself
You taught me to make the best out of any encounters and situations
You taught me to encourage myself
You taught me that been positive gives you a step ahead
You taught me, disappointment would always come, but never give up
You taught me two wrongs never make a right
You taught me to never give up on my dreams
You said, keep pushing dear, because I see a shining light at the end
You taught me to surround myself with people that would support me to the very end
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It hasn’t been easy…
There are nights I cried myself to bed, with the thought that all hope was lost
You gave and showed me reasons to always have faith and hope for the best…
You taught me how to make my Bible my best friend and companion
You taught me how to grow my faith in Christ
You taught me to see the good in people
You taught me how to be grateful
You taught me how to let go of things (forgiving spirit)
In all, I am totally grateful for the awesome journey
I am stepping into this new year like the conqueror that I am
I am stepping into this wonderful year fully vibrant
It’s been an awesome ride…



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