making a marriage work

Amazing Factors That Help To Make A Marriage Work.

Having a relationship or marriage that work happens to be an unbelievable subtle concept a lot of singles and couples have in their minds.

Marriage is one of the sweetest experience in life. When you have the right partner is like “Heaven on Earth “.

Every marriage is achievable if the two can rub their minds together as one.

However, in this article, there are some amazing factors outlined to make your marriage work, help one to live harmoniously and peacefully all the days of their lives.

Here Are Some Basic Factors To Follow In Making A Marriage Work:

Happy Couple Discussing How To Make Their Marriage Work

1. Communication: As life partners who hope to have a working relationship, keeping an open line of communication is critical. It is basic that you as a partner try to communicate with your spouse on a daily basis, no matter your busy schedule.

There are topics that we left unattended as a matter of lack of communication and these can spring up troubles in our relationships if care is not taken.

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2. Conflict: Conflict does not automatically indicate an unhealthy marriage. We are all different. We have our own challenges, different perspectives, and lifestyles and old hurts. These things make conflict pretty much inevitable. The key to a strong relationship in marriage is your ability to work through conflict.

“Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.” (Mathew 5:9 KJV), This does not imply that there will never be conflict among couples but it means that we are blessed as we work toward keeping the peace.

Take the time to talk about the challenges that you are experiencing and be willing to work through them.

3. Trust: There is an amazing joy and peace that come with trust. Most of us have gone through a particularly devastating part of mistrust in relationships in our lifetime.

Trust is very essential in every relationship. If you don’t have it, ask God for it.

4. Growth: To every human, growth is a process that continues to a lifetime. A productive and healthy life means one full of growth in our spiritual walk with God. We grow every day based on our approach to Life. Know this, my own kind of growth might likely differ from yours.

A Healthy marriage is between two individuals who are growing.

5. Financial Transparency: It is said that money is the root of all evil, We know that in marriage, the issue of money has become a very controversial topic, and many marriages have been separated as a result of it. For our marriage to be blissful and peaceful, how do we approach the issue of finance?

There should be a discussion on how money should be handled in the family, and this idea can save a lot of misconstruing in the future.

Being financial transparent will help your family to achieve a lot of success.

6. Willingness: A stable and healthy marriage involve two personalities who are ready to grow, willing to learn, and also willing to take a risk.

A long-lasting marriage doesn’t come by surprise, they are birthed through willing hearts and hard work.

7. Prayer: Prayer an avenue to communicate with God, is also the backbone of every marriage. It binds our hearts together in God.

How many times in a week do we pray for each other? Remember, a family that prays together stays together. Praying fervently as partners drift away the plans of the devil in our family.

Learn to pray at all times, no matter where you are.

It is a divine connection to the family.

Family Funtime8. Passion: Togetherness, in a physical sense, is very important in the family.

Passion, of course, isn’t only exhibited through sex, but also through pursuit. If I may ask, how do we show passion to each other? Do you ignore your partner when he or she is in pain, sickness or loss of a job?

We should know that passion is beyond holding of hands or cuddle when sitting together to watch movies. I am not condemning affection in this regard but I believe strongly that passion is most needed when a partner is having health challenges, etcetera.

9. Effort: Putting effort in our relationship is very rewarding, every marriage that has a success story started with one’s efforts. Both partners should put their hands together in order to ensure that the family is successful in all ramifications, it could be in child upbringing, preparing different kinds of meal, housekeeping, etcetera.

10. Having Fun time: A healthy marriage is a product of Fun-time. Despite the fact that we are being occupied by many activities in our daily lives, invariably, we have to create out time for social life, you can decide to create fun-time in your own home, like playing football with the children, reading storybooks with them, preparing meals together, ride bicycles together and other indoor and outdoor activities.

Finally, don’t make your marriage all work and no play.

Adhering to these basic guidelines will enhance your marriage by the Grace of God.


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