Merry Christmas

What Does Christmas Mean To You?

Merry Christmas, it’s a season greetings of the Christians (Christ like) to one another which is the period of the birth of Christ.

But then, What is Christmas to you? What does it mean to you?Merry Christmas

It’s one thing to wish people Merry Christmas, but it’s another thing not to mean it.
Christmas it’s a period of sharing love, it’s a period of giving out to the needy.

It is a period of exchanging gifts, Christmas is also a way of creating new bonds with in the family. A period to go on vacations, not just alone, but with family and friends.

A lot of people feel it’s just a normal festive period, but it all link back to the birth of our lord Jesus Christ.

December 25th has been a special day set aside to celebrate the king of all kings, our heavenly father. During this period, Various activities are been carried out.

Like the carol service in churches, carnivals on the street, etc. It’s a period of celebration in different forms.

There are a lot of Christmas wishes also, and songs that tells about the story and birth of Christ. Yeah, a whole lot of songs out there.

Why is Christmas Celebrated on 25th of December?

Christmas is celebrated to remember the birth of Jesus Christ, who Christians believe is the Son of God.

The name ‘Christmas’ comes from the Mass of Christ. A Mass service (which is sometimes called Communion or Eucharist) is where Christians remember that Jesus died for us and then came back to life.

The ‘Christ-Mass’ service was the only one that was allowed to take place after sunset. So we get the name Christ-Mass, shortened to Christmas.

Christmas is now celebrated by people around the world, whether they are Christians or not. It’s a time when family and friends come together and remember the good things they have and shared.

Effect Of Christmas

People, and especially children, also like Christmas as it’s a time when you give and receive a lot of presents. No one knows the real birthday of Jesus! No date is given in the Bible, so why do we celebrate it on the 25th December?

The early Christians certainly had many arguments as to when it should be celebrated.

A very early Christian tradition said that the day when Mary was told that she would have a very special baby, Jesus (called the Annunciation) was on March 25th – and it’s still celebrated today on the 25th March.

Nine months after the 25th March is the 25th December. There are many different traditions and theories as to why Christmas is celebrated on December 25th.

The exact year that Jesus was born isn’t known.  But we all celebrate him with joy and gladness in our heart.

What is This Christmas All About

Merry ChristmasFor many or to some people, Christmas is a time of sorrow. They don’t have the extra money to buy presents for their children, family, and friends.

Many are saddened at Christmas time when they think of their loved ones who will not be able to come home for various reasons. Having dinners together may be only a wish and not a reality for some.

Yet, Christmas can be a season of great joy. It is a time of God showing His great love for us. It can be a time of healing and renewal of our strength in him.

The birth of God son brought great joy to the world. Shepherds, wise men, and angels all shared in the excitement of knowing about this great event.

They knew this was no ordinary baby. The prophets had told of His coming hundreds of years before. The star stopped over Bethlehem just to mark the way for those who were looking for this special child. Read Luke 2:4-19

We can truly be happy this Christmas. No matter what may be happening, we can know that we are all his children. We then become sons and daughters of God. Heaven will be our home one day.

Look at Christmas in a new way this year. For you are always covered with his Grace. This is the year to invite Jesus into your heart. Then will you have a “Merry Christmas.” 

The Peace and Happiness you will receive will last all year as you look up to God for all your needs to be met.

Merry Christmas To You All!!!!!!!!



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