What is Offence?

According to “Merriam-Webster” dictionary, Offence it is defined as something that outrages the moral or physical sense.

According to “Longman” dictionary, when countable, its an illegal action or a crime. And when Uncountable, its the state of offending or upsetting someone by what you do or say.

It is also a violation of ethical code. Offence can come intentionally or not. Either from your spouses, friends or non friends and family members, as long as you take it as a personal issue, it is an offence.

It’s a major problems among humans, the inability to deal with it becomes a rebellion. Bear in mind that some people does it intentionally just to get under your skin. The book of “Math 18-7 Woe unto the man by whom the offence cometh.” It also made us understand that anything that causes disunity is from the devil.

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Characteristics Of People That Pick Offense

1) They think they know better always, have an appetite groaning

2) Always convert what belongs to others. You can’t please them.

3) Selfish and self centered, Known for an eye for eye, always out seeking revenge.

Reasons Why People Are Offended

1) When something expected never happen they get offended.

2) When something never expected happens, they feel offended.

3) When people feel that are not appreciated enough, they feel offended, e.g giving suggestions and it was not in use.

Dangers Or Problems In Offense

1) It will lead you to spiritual errors “2 kings 5 vs 20.”

2) It will lead you to say things you shouldn’t have said.

3) It will lead you to seek association or counsel with the wrong people “Mark 14 Vs 6-10.”

4) It will cause an individual to abandoned divine program “2kings 5 Vs 21.”

5) It will cause you to loose your previledges.

6) It will cause death or deadly diseases when not dealt with

7) It could also lead to regrets (Had I known).
How To Avoid It

1) Instruct yourself adequately (not everything you pick offense) “Proverb 27 vs 22-28.”

2) Pray against it. always resist the temptations of offense when you do that you will free out your mind.

3) Find out the truths and encourage others to do so and you experience and enjoy openness of relationship.




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