Steps to being a great mother in law

             How To Be A Great Mother In Law.

The life of every young lady climaxes at the moment she becomes legally married to a man. She walks down the aisle, say the vows, kisses her husband and embraces him. She is accepted with wide arms into a new family.

A new family to which she must build new relationships, accommodate new sets of people who are likely to encroach into the beliefs and mostly disrespect her beliefs.

From the point of dating and courtship, a lady is presumed to have a rapport with a particular person. Someone with whom an alliance is forged and seemingly peaceful and blissful matrimony is birthed. This person is the “Mother In Law.”

The saying “It takes two to tango” perfectly fits the wife and mother-in-law symbiotic relationship. Both parties have specific roles to play and both must possess specific innate qualities upon which their relationship is strengthened.

As different aspects of this discussion unfold, shedding light on dark areas and point to certain definition is of utmost importance.

Qualities of a great mother in law

Let’s talk about Quality!

Quality in the perception of a noun simply means that “the standard, level and the height of something, that is been measured up to the level against other things in terms of similarities of the kind, and also the degree of excellence in someone or something.“

It is also perceived to be a distinctive attribute, traits, differentiable features or characteristics possessed and acquired by a person or something.

Who is Naomi?
Naomi, she was the wife of Elimelech, who happens to be the mother of Mahlon and Chilion. She was also the “Mother In Law” of Ruth and Orpah. Her name means “joy, my bliss, or pleasantness of Jehovah”.

Naomi was also a native of Bethlehem in the city of Judah.

There are a lot of things that made Naomi appear like an outstanding figure in the midst of other women in her time. We are all created to give meaningful and positive meaning to the lives of the people around us for good, and Naomi being the woman she is, did add value to their lives.

Naomi used her prowess and her ability as a “Mother In Law” to change the fate of a certain woman whose future was unpredictable. Due to her kindness and Godly attitude, she changed the uncertain and unpredictable destiny of this young woman to a fulfilling and a very promising future.

The qualities Naomi possesses have been itemised into a standard Wishlist for anyone who will like to be a great “Mother In Law.”

How To Be A Great Mother-In-Law

The 6 Steps To Being A Great Mother In Law.

1. Kindness: Naomi with her kindness towards Ruth and Orpah encourages them to follow her to Bethlehem, without them considering what would be their fate in their new destination.

2. Loving: The loving nature of a mother that Naomi had towards her daughters in law strengthened them and their minds to leave with her, even when they know that they had no husbands.

3. Very Advisable: Naomi, being a kind of woman, gives Godly instructions and directions, that guided them on the right part and not mislead them.

4. A Prayerful Woman: During Naomi’s departure, she prayed for her daughters-in-law that God will give them peaceful rest in the house of their New husbands.

5. Very Patient: Naomi was a great woman who possesses the virtue of patience and endurance. She endured and gracefully accommodated Ruth and Orpah, who were without children for about ten years of their marriage. These days, it’s an aquiline task to find a “Mother-In-Law” with such attribute.

6. A Blesser: She was a blessing to all. Naomi was not abusive, she did not curse despite the trying challenge. She continuously offered prayers and blessing on behalf of her “daughters-in-law.”

The words that came out of her mouth were words of blessings and encouragement. Above all, she still blessed them while they were leaving for the country of Moab.

Naomi presented herself as a model to emulate and look up to.

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