Monday, July 4, 2022
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In some point in our lives, we have all experienced anger in some ways, and it could sometimes be a real problem to you as a human. Though it all starts as a harmless, helpless feeling.

Then, it can quickly grow into something dangerous and so drastic and very hard to control. But, with the help of God, we can learn how to control our anger and feelings and walk gracefully in peace.

There are chances that almost everyone get angry at least once or twice this past week. It may or could have been minor frustration with a driver or being irritated with your kids for not putting away their toys or family member.

It could have been a situation at work. Some husbands and wives live with daily anger and hurt feelings. Some parents and their children are in a constant battle of outbursts of anger and abusive words.

Many adults have hurts from childhood that keep bubbling to the surface. Every time they think about them, all they see is the anger.

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