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The life of every young lady climaxes at the moment she becomes legally married to a man, and then learn how to be a great mother-in-law.

She walks gracefully down the aisle, say the vows, kisses her husband and embraces him.

She is accepted with wide arms into a new family totally different from hers with a new to be Mother-In-Law and also start to learn how to adjust and adapt into a new family system.

A new family to which she must build new relationships, accommodate new sets of people who are likely to encroach into the beliefs and mostly disrespect her beliefs.

She starts to bore children and watch them grow to their adulthood of bring home their spouse making her a mother in law

In the bible, Naomi used her ability and her prowess as a great Mother-In-Law to change the fate of a certain woman whose future tend to be very unpredictable.

Although, due to her kindness and Godly attitude, she changed the uncertain and unpredictable destiny of this young woman to a fulfilling and a very promising future.

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