Monday, July 4, 2022
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For many married couples especially that of the christian couples, it is  nearly unimaginable and partially impossible that a spouse might be involved in cheating.

As a human, when you get involve with a person or when you entered into a relationship, you might never have thought that one day you would be sitting looking shattered.

You walk into the relationship with your arms open, hoping that you have finally found your soul mate but now you’re sitting questioning the entirety of the relationship – and also asking God WHY.

Dealing with a cheating and unfaithful partner as a human, you tend to feel that not everyone out there could understand how you feel and how deeply you are been hurt.

When your partner betray you, it always feels like you are alone and that no matter how terrible another experience might have been you feel yours is worse.

So, rather than listening to what others has got to say and they telling you to cope with a partner’s unfaithfulness or cheating habit, why not you turn to Jesus your Lord and Savior for all the support and guidance you need.

Talk and express yourself to him, tell him what you are afraid of and what your frustrations are. Him alone will you find solace in for he is your guide.

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