Monday, July 4, 2022
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Almost everyone in this life at one time or another experiences a period of sadness which in one way is part of the causes of depression.

Most people get over it with a little time. But for some people, the sadness and bitterness continues until they understand what the causes of depression really is.

Depression can not only make you as a person question God or make you feel distant from him. But, in some ways, it can also make navigating Christian community very difficult.

The causes of depression, can be very more challenging for Christians because, unfortunately, there are misconceptions associated with it, which also leave a stigma in many christian communities.

It is very difficult when people around you don’t understand the reality and effect of depression.

It makes seeking or reaching out for help from people very difficult.

The very idea that it might not be real has thrown people down to earth. Hopefully, as difficult and hopeless it might all seem, people out there going through this aliment should know that there hope as long as God liveth.

The bible also tell us to fight the Good Fight Of Faith in “1 Timothy 6:12”

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