Monday, July 4, 2022
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Being disobedient is to succumb to ones self-will instead of you surrendering to God and then desiring to do his will through all things.

The Word of God made us know disobedient is a sin which is defines as a transgression of the law of God. Sin is fully based on one disobedient towards fellow human but mostly against God.

Disobedience has consequences by nature. In some cases, it results and ends up costing people far more than what they ever bargain for.

The consequences of being disobedience are see all through the Scripture ranging from the book of Genesis to that of Revelation.

Till today, we are still witnessing how people’s lives are being destroyed and shattered through the sin of immorality, crimes, and other unhealthy activities.

Every disobedience come with bad consequences as it is all disrespectful toward God. In whatever we do, we should all try to abide with his rules and regulation and trade carefully in whatever situation we find ourselves.

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