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The bible tells the men to be a loving husband to their wives and serves as a guidelines to them. It teaches the husband how to be faithful to their spouse.

When a man is fully of age, he leaves his parent home to go start up a home for himself where he gets married and bore kids. He becomes the head of that home and be either choose to be a loving husband for his family or not.

He becomes the leader, and also align and involved with other responsibilities. He should know that one of his roles involve always taking care of his wife and is mandated to love his family.

A Christian husband should love his wife with the love of Jesus Christ, his marriage should be the most important relationship he has, except for his relationship with Jesus.

He must submit himself to his wife in a self-sacrificing way and strive to love her as Christ loves the church.

He should guard his heart and mind, so that he is able to resist temptations that are fully sure to come at him.

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