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Prayer is a key and not just a key but a master key. There are prayer guidelines that a christian show follow while prayer.

Prayer Guidelines plays a vital role in our life that we as a human all fail to recognize.

Prayer is a very vital and powerful weapon that the lord has given to us. Although, Knowing how to pray is not always easy, even the disciples of Jesus also had the same issues.

Someone once said that the secret to failure is our failure to secret prayers. The Lord’s Prayer Matthew 6:9-13 is Christ’s response. It is a prayer that every Christian should hide in their heart.

Steps to prayer, firstly, you need to start praying by praising God, secondly, ask for the forgiveness of your sins, thirdly, open up to God, make your request know to known to him.

You can also pray with a friend or with a word of understanding from the bible. also learn how to memorize scriptures.

Lastly, don’t always forget to thank him for answers prayers, then he knows how grateful you are.

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