Ways Of Dealing With Depression

In the previous article, I detailed how we can fight against depression and discouragement and this week I am writing on the causes of depression and discouragement, also how we can deal with depression and discouragement whenever we experience them.

There are major reasons why people feel depressed and discouraged.

They are stated as follows:

1) Lack of Trust in God: Christians feel depressed and discouraged because they lack total trust in God and not depending on God’s word (The Bible)

2)Living a Pitiable life: When we always feel that there is nothing good that can bedepression found in Us, then we are paving way to self-pity. This attitude will always cause you to feel inferiority complex, thereby given in to depression.

3)Comparisons with Others: Comparing yourself with people will only result in someone being depressed. Know that everyone is created differently by God and also have peculiar qualities, so be yourself and always happy, for there are people that you are better than.

4)Lack of indwelling of the Spirit of God: When we are not living in the direction of the Holy Spirit, our minds become an entrance for the devil to bring in all manners of messages to our hearts and we are bound to believe the lies of the devil.


But, as with all problems people face, there is one thing we are supposed to do, bringdepression them to God through prayers. Jesus didn’t ignore the weight of our troubles, whether physical or emotional, rather he acknowledged them all.
“Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light (Mathew 11: 28- 30).

Christians who are taught to tackle life’s problems through prayer, faith, and other spiritual practices often wrestle especially hard with how to understand their battle with depression, but with prayers, you will be free.
Always be Hopeful in God knowing that God is able to do all things (Ps. 42: 11)
Above all, make the Bible your Companion.


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