The Effects And Benefits of Thanksgiving And Gratitude

What is Thanksgiving?

There are times in Our lives where things can get overwhelming, daunting, and hard. We easily get discouraged, especially frustrated by circumstances or relationships that are beyond our control.

During the seasons where we feel hopeless and helpless, the best thing we can do is turn away from the challenges and turn toward Christ. Firstly by giving him thanks because there were times things were better and even if it wasn’t, he still deserves our Thanksgiving.

When we remember that God is in control and our lives are not our own, we remember we have a Saviour who gives us strength when we are weak and who comforts us in all our times of need.

Thanksgiving remains the only unexplainable mystery that puts the devil in confusion. It’s a gateway to our high places in life, a gateway to scaling height in life. The book of “Psalm 150” made us understand that it is only the living that can praise God and give thanks (Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.)

Benefits of Thanksgiving And Gratitude

Thanksgiving is a fruit on our list that can assist with joy on our investment in time and stewardship. God is looking for the connectivity of the heart (Ezekiel 31)

Thanksgiving is the mystery that moves us from one level to another. From Dryness to flourishing “Psalm 92:10-15” and From rags to riches

Giving thanks expresses our trust that God is working all things for His good purposes and for our sake (Romans 8:28).

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Thanksgiving And Gratitude

What Am I Thankful For?

1. Breath of Life

Well, most of the time, we don’t see this as a testimony, the fact we get to sleep and wake up as we please, the fact we get to go out and come back daily is something we need to express our gratitude to God for. God keeping you to see the rest of the year is something we need to thank him for and express our gratitude to him.

2. The provisions of life. 

Though we say grace, we may take the food we eat for granted. The next time you eat one of your favorite foods, be thankful for its availability. Many people in the world are struggling to only have plain rice to eat. When we think of our less-privileged, hungry brothers and sister in Christ, let’s pray, that the “Lord, give us this day our daily bread.”

3. God’s promises.

Trust me when I say the Bible is full of God’s promises, especially the book of psalms. Many times when troubles have been abundant, make your Bible your best friend. Open it and find a precious promise from God, which has proven to be a great comfort. But we don’t have to go through troubled times to appreciate God’s promises. His blessings are new every morning. Thank God!

The greatest gift God has given mankind is His only begotten Son, who gave His life to grant us forgiveness of sin and everlasting life. Believing he died for our sins grants us access to him.

Through His, Spirit God gives us joy, peace, and victory.

Let us rejoice and believe in our Lord and give thanks to Him in all things!


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