steps to self development

Ways And Steps To Develop Yourself – Self And Personal Development.

Self-development, involves the transformation of a person, bringing out the best in you and reaching your full potentials. This is when we become a better person, our lives and circumstances improve in different ways. It is usually done by looking deep down in you and looking for those spot internally that need improvement and changing them externally.

ways to self development

Self-improvement is important as it helps an individual to know his or her strengths and also discover their weakness. It also aids the assessment of oneself and helps a person to discover where they stand in life. For anyone wanting or hoping to climb the career ladder or rather improve their sense of purpose, having personal development of oneself is invaluable.

Even with an improved sense of direction, there will always be tasks taking a person’s full attention. But, as one’s personal development improves, the setting of priorities will become much easier. You become clearer with your objectives and you can quickly identify with the task that will yield good results with the resources available to you at that very moment.

It helps you become more motivated when you know what you want to achieve. Self-development makes it easier and fun when you see the benefit of taking actions even when you know that the task ahead isn’t enjoyable, but when you see a clear benefit, you are one way or the other motivated to take the necessary actions required.

Although, there will be tough times ahead, but self-development gives you the confidence to deal with things better.

The Concept of Self Development could be defined as the process by which a person’s character or abilities are gradually developed. It is also seen as a medium for taking steps to better yourself, such as learning new skills or overcoming bad habits. It is seen as a way by which an individual evaluate their own lives, observe their personal growth in ways they want.

ways to self developmentMy own view on the concept of self-development is the ability to equip, educate, enlighten or expose oneself academically, spiritually, mentally, physically, socially and otherwise. Talking about the concept of self-development, it means people enlightening themselves through self tutoring like reading books, online lessons, self-coaching, etcetera. There are several avenues we can develop ourselves through the following medium:

1. Personal Study is the avenue by which you develop yourself through reading of motivational books, research findings on relevant issues.

2. Spiritual Development is another way one can develop spiritually, like studying the bible, observing prayer and fasting, personal evangelism and other spiritual activities. More so having spiritual role models can help one to be self-developed.

3. Mental development: There are people that are naturally intelligent or they are known as Genius. This is the way God made them, and in case you didn’t fall in these categories, there is the tendency of one developing himself or herself. Our brain isn’t stagnant, rather it can be restructured or reconstructed through what I call “Practice makes Perfect “. Our brain formation is seen as the centre of self-development. There is nothing that improves one mentally like constant studying, reading and developing new skills.

ways to self development4. Social development is the ability of one being integrated in the society where the person belongs. There are people that are naturally Shy, some are reserved to themselves, that is, they find it difficult to associate with others (Introverts). People in this category can develop socially through associating themselves with people who are outspoken, having vibrant friends around them and attending social events will help a lot. A good example was Moses in the bible, whom God told to go and speak to king Pharoh, he bluntly refused, that he was a Stammerer and not an eloquent speaker, but when he associated himself with Aaron, his elder brother, he became an outspoken person. When you train yourself socially, there is the possibility of such person becoming an outstanding figure among others.

Turn yourself into a continuous learning machine.

1) Become a continuous learning machine.

2) Set a personal goal to learn something new about your job, your organization, or your professional discipline every week. Encourage others to pursue self- development.
To become better in your profession and maintain a sense of fulfillment in all you do, it’s important to stay focused on your own self- development. Keeping this goal may be difficult as life gets more hectic, but remember that by investing in yourself, you also enrich others and enhance your performance across the board.

3) Learn by teaching: Volunteer as an instructor for organizational training programs. You”ll not only develop in-depth knowledge about subjects you prepare to teach, you will also be able to help others develop and grow.

4) Look beyond your profession: Consider pursuing developmental activities that have nothing to do with your job, but can also help you grow as a person.
You will probably be surprised to find that unrelated learning can positively impact your job performance.

In order to develop your personal development,
here are some key factors that can help you to do so:

1) Set yourself goals.

2) Prioritise those goals.

3) Develop your skills or increase your knowledge.

4) Measure your progress.

5) Recognise threats and opportunities.


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