Unfaithful spouse

Why Do People Embrace Infidelity?

Why do couples who have taken a solemn vow before the Holy presence of God defy their marital covenant? What could be the reason for being unfaithful to your spouse?

In the process of reading this article, I would like you to exercise patience as I explore the causes. From my opinion, there are numerous reasons why couples remain unfaithful to their partners.

However, I would like to explain the meanings of adultery. It literally means a “voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and a person who is not their spouse”.

On top of that, it is seen as an act of infidelity in a matrimonial home; whereas the biblical point of view on infidelity is a “sexual relation in which at least one participant is married to someone else“.

There hasn’t been in the bible where God supports infidelity in marriage, rather, he detests any man or woman who indulges in such sinful act.

Are there people who engaged in infidelity in the bible?


The right answer is Yes: there are people who defiled their marital trust against their partners e.g King David who slept with Uriah ‘s wife named Bathsheba.

Secondly, Samson was a victim of infidelity. Absalom committed infidelity with his father’s concubines. (Kindly see the references below).

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What causes infidelity

Unfaithful spouse

1.) Lack of love, trust and respect. These are the fundamental roots of couples misbehaving, especially when there is an absence of love in their relationship. The other person feels insecure; not respecting your husband is another profound effect that leads a man to infidelity.

2.) Selfishness and unwillingness to control your self- centered mind. During the period of courtship, we make uncountable promises to each other, that we would stand by each other come rain or shine, etc. But as the days go by, we continue to fail in that regards. Whenever a partner decides to feel more valuable than the other, it is a “red flag” in their union. The bible confirms that For wherever there is jealousy and selfish ambition, there you will find disorder and evil of every kind”James 3: 16.

3.) Lack of Contentment.
A person who is never content with what they have is always seeking something or someone better. They always need more: more admiration, more attention,  more finances than their spouse. This will only lead to insatiable desires and invariably leads the person to sin against God.

4.) Lack of Personal Commitment.
How do you show your commitment to your spouse if I may ask? A lot of times , we tell our partners that “I am committed to you”. This is an amazing promise. What do you do when the love of your life is having health challenges? Or facing a big problem in the workplace? Do you encourage, pray and assure the person, a better tomorrow or lace your words with blames. Being committed to your spouse has no boundaries, be for the person both in thick and thin.

N.B: Do not loose sight of the caption of this article – The causes of infidelity. 

5.) Lack of Integrity.
It is utterly shocking that a husband or wife cannot be trusted. Reason being the person has lost a sense of integrity. We are not “supreme deity” in order to keep to our words, but it is notable these days that people find it difficult to keep to a single word they have uttered. Integrity in all things gives you the best position to stand out among others.

6.) Sexual Addiction. 
It is not an excuse in itself, but just another reason why infidelity happens in a marriage. The bible expressly warns in Hebrews 13:4, “Marriage is honorable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whore-mongers and adulterers God will judge”. We are inexcusable when we defile our bodies as the temple of God.

In Conclusion, Infidelity is not a misstep, oversight, or a mistake. It is a series of deliberate choices and sins that one person chooses to make.

Note: The bible references below are basically to people who committed infidelity. 

King David- 2 Samuel 11:2 -5.

Absalom- 2 Samuel 16: 22

SamsonJudges 16:1

Bible verses on Infidelity: Exodus 20:14 , Matthew 5 : 27, etc.

Remain blessed.


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