Effect Of Christmas

Every year people celebrate Christmas without knowing the reason for the season. For some, December brings no discernible differences in their spiritual rhythms. For many in our churches and communities, however, there is an added oomph to Advent, More intentional, More excitement, and More reflection. For the Christians, Christmas should be a Season of Sober reflection. What would it look like if we allowed the effects of the holiday season to linger?

ChristmasLet me suggest five equipping and edifying effects Christmas can have.

1) Personal Devotion and Reflection: Majority feel that they are supposed to ” get something ” out of the Christmas season. Assuming we fight through the glitz of the prevailing materialism, we conclude there is something deeper, something richer, something more meaningful about Christmas. When we pick up a Bible, we think about Christ ‘s birth. We journey through Luke. Maybe we read a devotional book that helps us reflect on the birth. But we must remember that the riches of God’s word are there always. The birth of Christ is indeed an amazing reality, but let’s not miss all the other awe-inspiring, worship – including, life-changing concepts that deserve our careful reflection and meditation.

2) Family Discipleship: Every Christian family should experience some kind of activity to bring about focused conversation on the birth of Christ, good news and mission for the Christmas Season. Throughout the Season we should endeavor to have a family devotional time always, if not daily, in our home. May Christmas Season remind us to adopt healthy habits of family discipleship.

3)Church Attendance: It’s very common that in Christmas Season some of my friends, family members and colleagues will attend Church for Christmas, probably the first time all year. But these aren’t the only people for whom Church attendance looks different. A family with occasional attendance throughout the year may make sure they show up around the Festive Season. Most people who haven’t stepped first in any of the Church event will definitely attend the Christmas Eve Church.

Beloved friends, what joy and blessings might be ours if we attend Church ‘s events, Christmasbible classes, and services more regularly?
Friends, what if we were regular and committed to Church life in January through November as we are in December? It will be a beautiful relationship and experience in our lives.

4) Evangelistic Ease and Passion: We shouldn’t allow the Season to provide a low entry barrier into spiritual conversation. It must be a period to engage friends or neighbors about issues of faith, hope, love, joy or truth when you begin by simply asking them what they think of Christmas.

5) Christmas Challenge: We must carefully think about how this Season could be training you for something, let the Christmas intentionality spill over into 2020, with more commitment and devotion to our daily walk with God.
May God help us to use this season as a closer relationship with God.

Note: May we allow this Season not to be an exception but an example. Let the Season be an open avenue where we talk about spiritual things than mundane things.

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