What makes You Family

What is family to you?

Have You Wondered, What makes a family? Back then in school, we were been taught by our teachers that Family make up the father, mother and children. Our teachers also defined Family as being related or connected by blood. We also know what the types of family are, We have the Nuclear Family and the Extended family.

But is that what family truly means? What makes us family without us being related by blood? firstly, Lets understand that the word family is a strong word. Yeah, it is. These are people that understands what you are going through, and stand by you no matter the odds. But trust me, not everybody feel these connection from their biological families. The question is, if you don’t feel it from them, where then will you find the connection?

We hear or see how some children are more closer to their friends than their family. Let’s face it, sometimes, our families don’t meet up to our needs or rather still, some children can’t have a reasonable or a self confiding discussion with their parent due to fear instil in them but will comfortably have any discussion with their friends. On this part, I would rather say that these parent have failed.

There is nothing like family. We might be related by blood, or marriage. This union is expected to be our closest when it comes to love, care, support or understanding. But this often is filled with misunderstanding and also resentment. Those we feel that we should know, end up feeling like strangers to us.

Family isn’t always about being related by blood. Family can be your friends, your church; fellowshipping with your fellow brethren. Don’t also forget you fellowshipping with God, who sees our wrong and forgive us.

Lets talk about 7 points that makes a family

This is one important thing most people might not get from their parent. Most parent lack deeply when it comes to this part in parenting. We need a person we could talk with, a person we can align with, a person who can see us for who we are, a person we feel comfortable with. Once understanding pops in, there will always be a flow of communication.

How do react to people? We often hear the words “Action speaks louder than voice”. Your body language towards things, towards people, towards your family member, can sell you out as either a good person or a bad one. Your reaction towards your family would show how comfortable they can be towards you. Are you the kind of person that shouts over every little thing, you really need to take a chill pill, how do you react to being corrected? This are actions you need to check out.

SacrificeWhat makes You Family
This is one of the vital points. Sacrifice. How well are you able to leave your comfort zone to help another in need? Sacrifice is given up something with value for the sake of others. As being part of a family you need to learn how to lay sacrifices for your loved ones. It could be hard a times, but trust me, if it’s of a good purpose, it pays.

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This makes members thrive with ease and understanding. You teach and learn respect from home. This is tolerating the others differences and values and also you as a person learning from one another.

When you support your members it makes the bond stronger. You can support them by making time out for them, supporting their choices and values. It is getting you know them which ever way you can.

It is letting go of things completely. It could be difficult a times letting go of the hurt. You get hurt from members of home, but how well are you able to forgive them is left to you. Atimes, forgiveness is given even when its not preceded with an apology. Having a family, means you constantly forgiving and forgetting no matter how little it can be.

We sometimes feel it could be like a burden opening up to another. The truth is communication ease a lot of things going on through your mind as a person. When a person offends you, don’t keep it all locked up, open up to such person and tell them how you feel. Not necessarily means you get an apology after, but you just ended up freeing yourself. Communication goes a very long way more than you could expect. Learn to speak up.

Have You Wondered, What makes a family? How many different kinds of families are there? How is yours special or unique? It doesn’t matter the type of family you came out from, Understanding and Communication Makes A Family. Every family plays and has its own full importance. Family can be anything that involve love, understanding, choice, action, your support, your forgiveness, your sacrifice and your respect. No matter how hard it can be, every family has its own special and unique way.

With all this, it doesn’t necessarily means you have to be related before you can be part of a Union.


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