Husband Require Support From Their Wives

“The Dream of Every man Is To Marry A Lady That Will Help Him Bring Out Leadership”

Every married man or husband deserves to be respected, honored, admired, obeyed and loved by his wife. Most times, these qualities seem to be away in their matrimonial homes.

They are puzzled on what might have drifted away from these qualities as the leaders of their families.

To be honest, the dream of every man is to marry a lady that will allow him to bring out the God-given leadership ability in him without striving for such role to be used in their various homes.

Husband Cheerleader

This article is all about advising our ladies who are married or intending to get married to have in mind that their husbands or future husbands desire, to be the cheerleader of their homes in areas like decision-making, without their wives meddling.

Wives are “suggestion givers, just like in every organisation, you belong, they have what is called “Suggestion box”, it implies that it is only your suggestion that is needed and not to decide for the management on what they should do.

This mechanism applies to what husbands expect, “Suggest not Decide”. This is what makes our men “Cheerleaders in their marriage.”

If you want to bring out the best in your husband’s love-life, allow him to rule and be the king of the house. You will notice that things will fall in place.Husband Appreciates A Supportive Wive

A cheerleader is a member of a team that performs organised cheering, chanting, and dancing in support of a sports team at matches. It also means an enthusiastic and vocal supporter of someone or something.

Based on the topic of this article, and what the Cheerleader originally mean, our husbands must be supported in everything they do, hence, it is Godly, to be honest, they strongly need their wives to support in all aspects, and it will encourage them to be happy and fulfilled.

The benefits of allowing your husband to be the cheerleader.
1. It will unleash his love and care for you.
2. He becomes very open to you at all times.
3. He becomes emotional to your feelings.


I am encouraging every married woman and those intending to get married to adopt these methods, you might sometimes wonder why your husband isn’t behaving nicely to you, check whether you aren’t allowing him to be the cheerleader he is meant to be.

The idea for this material was inspired by the book “Total Woman” By Marable Morgan.

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